Credo Senior Financial Planner, Will Godsave, outlines the various forms of Inheritance Tax Planning available, including the pros and cons of each option. The conversation will then explore AIM IHT investing more specifically, where Harry Robson, Director at LGBR Capital, will go into detail on investing in AIM stocks and the benefits of utilising the recently launched Credo AIM IHT Service.
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    Will Godsave
    Senior Financial Planner
    Will joined Credo in 2021 as a Chartered Financial Planner, having spent over 7 years at Mazars LLP providing personal tax and financial planning advice to high net worth individuals and families. Will is a dual qualified Chartered Tax Advisor (CTA) with the Chartered institute of Taxation, and Chartered Financial Planner with the Chartered Insurance Institute.
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    Harry Robson
    Head of Tax Efficient Investments
    Harry joined LGBR Capital in 2018 and is the Head of Tax Efficient Investments. LGBR Capital is one of the largest distributors of financial products in the UK market.